Aug 13, 2007

8 things about me

I was on my msn, and then Mama Judy msged me. She told me I kena tagged. I was happy because I like short tags. It is a good post to learn more about one person.

Here goes about me:

1. Born in Penang.

2. Move to several houses around the Island before moving to KL when I was starting Form 3.

3. Did Form 1 and Form 2 at SGGS (St. George's Girls School).

4. Went from ALL girl school to co-ed when we moved to KL.

5. My primary school was Sekolah Rendah Seri Permai. Before it moved to its new location at Jalan Tengah, Bayan Baru, it was situated next to the Penang International airport. I still remember the longkang (drain) always filled with BIG FAT very juicy CACINGs (worms) when it rained.

6. I used to live very VERY near to the Penang Pagoda at Air Itam. Walking distance to the market and Pagoda (1 min sudah sampai).

7. I hiked up to Penang Hill once through the Botanical Garden route, with my father and his friends from work.

8. I used to take school bus from my home in Bayan Baru to SGGS, the route took 45 mins-1hr. I was the earliest to be picked up and almost the last to be dropped off. My bus number was 27.

My tag goes out to:

My Sister

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G @ said...

thanks 4 this easy tag :) will let u know once i hv done it.