May 31, 2007

Tiffany earrings

About two months ago, while I was showing homes to my client, I lost one of my diamond earrings. I didn't know how it had gotten away from my ear as I only realized it missing when I got home. I do remember clearly that it was still there before I left the house in the morning. Anyway, one side is gone now.

I have hinted towards my husband for a new pair of diamond earrings for me during Mother's Day but he didn't surprise me with it. What a bummer. My birthday is coming up soon, so I am thinking instead of relying on him, I may purchase one myself. I want a pair of Tiffany diamond earrings.

I came across a free $500 Tiffany Gift Card at where if I placed the unique lowest bid for that prize, I will win the gift card for FREE. The bid will end in about 15 hours, hopefully I will get my Tiffany gift card which I can really use towards my coming up birthday gift for myself.

This is a sponsored post.