May 31, 2007

Not bored with me meh?

You know, being a SAHM, it is pretty difficult to have ME time. Some of you SAHM may get it easier than others. But most of you probably in the same situation as I am. Where is my ME time?

On weekdays, Hubby leaves home for work ver early in the morning, at 630am. I usually don't get up until Brandon does because I sleep pretty late at night. If I am lucky, I get up probably 30 mins before he awakes and I will be able to finish my breakfast, brush teeth and face and check my emails/internet/PPP before I need to tend to him. Sometimes not so lucky, well most of the time not so lucky.

When he is awake, he needs me to be with him all the time. A lot of times I try to sneak away from him to get into the study room to check for PPP opps, but when he doesn't see me around, he goes, "MAMA? MAMA?" And he quickly walks into the study room. This makes me enjoy playing hide and seek with him around the house. I hide and he comes looking for me. He is pretty desperate to find me if I hide too well, and sometimes he cries. I just like to tease him.

Anyway, you would think that I've spend the whole day with him, he probably would prefer seeing somebody else in the evening rite? WRONG! When Daddy gets home, he plays with Daddy for a while, but he usually comes looking for me every now and then. Worse is when I am taking my shower. Brandon would be standing outside the bathroom door calling to me, "MAMA? MAMA?" ... aiyo ... sounded very kesian like that, so I take shower also cannot enjoy now.

Why lar boy, you not bored with Mommy whole day meh? But I know I better enjoy this moment because most boys when they grew up, they will not be so attached to the moms anymore, especially when hey got their own group of friends.


Angeleyes said...

I'm in the same boat as you!

Sweetpea said...

u think kids donno meh? if father doesn't play with them, they find no syok, sure go to mama. encourage your hubby to 'bond' with him, like playing one to one, or reading a book, hold his attention while u shower. and later u'll find that they actually will look forward to the time when their dads come home.
good luck :)

Vien said...

They will never get bored of us until their teen years. *sigh*

G @ said...

exactly the opposite of my girl :D She would stay glued to dada as soon as she sees him. Good for me, I know, haha

jazzmint said...

hehe..u dunno meh, they like mommy smell :P

LiL'deviL said...

Well, guess I'm a bit lucky...I take my own sweet time enjoying my showers while papa looks after Ethan.

huisia said...

now i feel like don't know how to cope with my life when no.2 is coming..

wHOisBaBy said...

angeleyes: hehe ... most moms are.

sweetpea: ya, daddy reads to him and plays with him, but he just want to find me. may be daddy didn't make the game/reading interesting enough. hehe

vien: that means i have to bare with this for 10 or more years. oopsy.

grace: lucky you. i heard girls are sticky to daddy, while boys sticky to mommy.

jazzmint: ha ha ... lucky i smell good, i put on a lot of nice smelling lotion after shower.

huisia: you will manage when the time comes.