May 30, 2007

Baby's toothpaste - Orajel

I went to BBRU this past weekend and got this toothpaste. Brandon doesn't have much teeth but I thought I want to start him off with brushing with toothpaste. I saw some yellow films, (tartar or plague?) on his teeth next to the gum. I used the wash cloth to brush/wipe off the films. His tooth brush can't really work that well with that area so near to the gum. Furthermore, his toothbrush looks like flower now because of his constant chewing on the brush.
There are only a few different type of baby's toothpaste on the shelves. Gerber's brand, Orajel and there is another one with Baby's Einstein picture on it (probably its own brand?). I got Orajel instead of Gerber because the price is lower at $3.99 while the Gerber one is priced $4.95.
We have yet to try using it. I only brush Brandon when he is bathing and that is always before his dinner. Because after his bath, he will take his cereal/porridge dinner. We'll have to wash again afterwards then? I think probably when he knows to stand in front of the sink then may be I can have him start using the toothpaste, what do you think?


LiL'deviL said...

Ethan's toothbrush also like flower already. I don't dare to use cloth to wipe his teeth ler. I don't want my finger to end up like his toothbrush. Help, I don't know how to do this...his breath stinks at night.

Angeleyes said...

Darrius also like to bite so I ended up using the cloth too. And he also like to swallow the tooth paste and I stop him from using from the time being.

wHOisBaBy said...

lil'devil: when u use the wash cloth, u wipe it the front only, so you are not actually putting your fingers underneath his teeth. you wont get into his bite. drink water to help with improving his breath, wash the bad breath down.

angeleyes: i am pretty sure every baby swallows the tooth paste in the beginning. trying to teach him to spit it, but he is not learning it yet.