May 30, 2007

A relaxing backyard

Well, as we are approaching summer, we would love to spend more time outdoor instead of indoor. Our current house has a backyard that is mostly used by the swimming pool, and hardly any grassy area. We would love to get a house in future with a nice green lushy backyard. We can grow some fruit trees, like the lo-guat tree my aunty loves so much and may be a lemon tree as well.

We can then have two hammock chairs for relaxing after a long day or work and of taking care of my boy, one for me and one for my husband. We can nap on the chairs while enjoying the great outdoor sky.

I would prefer a cotton hammock as it is so comfortable for summer time. I like the breathable features of 100% cotton, but being cotton, it is not weatherproof. If my husband prefer, he can have one of those classis rope hammock instead. Well, we'll just say, we can't wait for a new home with a nice backyard to have our dream come true.

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* This is a sponsored post