May 30, 2007

You take your vitamin yet?

Daddy has been taking vitamin with water daily after shower. And most of the time, Brandon is around observing daddy taking his daily supplement. After taking the water down, Daddy will goes, "Aaahhhh."

This past Sunday evening, after Daddy finished his shower, he went to the study room. I was playing with Brandon in our bedroom. Brandon walked towards the night stand where he saw the bottle of vitamin, and he took the bottle and shake it. The rattling sound must interesting and he kept shaking the bottle. Then I told him, not to shake, is Daddy's vitamin. Upon hearing that, the following took place.

Mommy: Brandon, moi shake lar, Daddy's vitamin lay ge. (Brandon don't shake, is Daddy's vitamin)
Brandon: *looking at me, stopped shaking, walking out from the bedroom, once outside the bedroom, paused, looked into the study room, then continue walking into the study.
Mommy: *chased after her little boy
Brandon: DahDah (calling his Daddy) *passing him the bottle of vitamin, and then turn and walked away to the bedroom
Daddy: *took the bottle from Brandon
Mommy: Hey you better pretend to take the vitamin since your boy so nice bring the bottle to you. *followed Brandon towards to outside of the bedroom
Brandon: *took the bottle of water bottle from the nightstand and walking back to the study room
Mommy: *smirking already, this boy so smart, knows how to take water bottle for Daddy to take it with vitamin
Daddy: *opened the bottle and pretend to eat the vitamin
Brandon: *passing Daddy his water bottle
Daddy: *took the bottle from Brandon and said thank you, and drank a little water from him
Brandon: AAaaah
Mommy: Wah, he got sound effect somemore.

The vitamin and water bottle


eiko-chan aka kimchi said...


LiL'deviL said...

Har? Got "aahhhh" some more?!

G @ said...

aiyoo thats too cute, u mustt've wish u had a chance to video that moment :D

wHOisBaBy said...

eiko: ya somemore got sound effect. when brandon drinks water, he also got aaah at the end after he finished drinking. like the water very tasty.

lil'devil: ya ya ... i forgot to tell you.

grace: wish we had, but really can't be prepared for every moment. wasn't expecting that.

sue said...

Hahaha, so cute :) Saying ahhhh on behalf of his daddy also.