May 17, 2007

OK ... now the good part

I know I've done another tag on why I married my dear low gong, telling him the nice nice things. This post is going to be nice nice things also but not for these reasons that I married him. I thought since I wrote some complaints about him recently, I also need to balance out by letting you all know he is a also great guy.

  1. He helps me wash dishes after we eat. (But since I always eat last, he always start washing before I finish, which makes me want to hurry up to finish my dinner)
  2. He washes his car 2 weeks once, but he also washes my car, may be once a month or 1.5 month.
  3. He doesn't mind driving me everywhere. I never drive when we go out together.
  4. He TRIES to help me take care of Brandon in the evening but Brandon wants ME instead of him.
  5. He very very seldom gets angry. I am the one that always throw a tantrum on him.
  6. When he listens, he will do what I asked him to.
  7. He never gives me any allowances, but all I need to do is ask. He'll give me whatever amount I asked from him for cash, for most others expenses ... charge to plastic cards loh.
  8. He will vacuum and mop the floors if I ask him to. But I feel the job is better done by myself because it feels a lot cleaner. But during my pregnancy, he did the job. Also now occassionally when I am too busy tied up with Brandon.
  9. He washes, folds and irons his own clothes. This one very shiok one. I know not many guys will do this. He has been doing that before even I married to him.
  10. He never complain about me not having a job at all (well, may be sometimes). I only did part time after we got married and after a while, I quit. Two years later, only then, I took the real estate exam and got my license to sell. But my income is not stable. It was better then because I can do more, now is worse. Full time stay at home mom mar. Somemore no pay one.

That's all. This is harder than the complaint one I did. It was pretty hard for me to come up with 10. Almost wanted to stop at 9 already.

This is not a tag, but if you feel like you want to write something good about your dear low gong, go ahead and link me.


G @ said...

Hehe that's more like it .. balanced now :D Such a nice guy. Well written. I think after ur low goong read this, he will give u lots of extra lovin tonite *LOL* Got ur tag, thanks!

LiL'deviL said...

Hey, I came up with this idea. I was going to do this instead of the annoying one because this is easier. Good on you for doing it before me!

Anyway, I was also going to comment something about BIL when I first read this post but now I forgot. I have short-term memory loss disease. Will write again when I remember, IF I remember.

Angeleyes said...

Yea... Alan is a nice guy lar... I really envy you that he just listen and don't talk back.... mine will explode if I nag further! LOL

LA My Home said...

thank you all for your good words. he is a nice guy ... no smoke, no drink ... just the right guy for me. cannot ask for more.