May 8, 2007

10 Ways How My Hubby Annoys Me

Got tagged by Zara's Mama. Very interesting tag. I get to know more about other mommies as well as they get to know about my life.

1. My hubby is very punctual, in fact, too punctual. He gets ready like 15 mins before the time and needs to be there BEFORE the schedule time to meet up. Good is good but it makes me nervous most of the time. I dislike to be hurry to get things done before going out. So, a lot of times, I have to tell him NOT TO HURRY ME! Because, he will start the car outside and wait while I still need time to get things together before I can go out.

2. He doesn't know how to cook. I can't even trust him to cook Maggie Mee for me. The noodles will be as hard as not being cooked. So I have to cook for him. Only once he cooked, he fried the carrot cake and he burnt my NON STICK wok. The burnt was not that bad but now there is a darker black spot on the non-stick surface.

3. He forgets so easily. One moment I tell him then afterwards he doesn't remember what I already told him. *sigh* Have to remind him so many many times ... still he doesn't remember. Good example is that I have been wearing Invisalign for a good 6 months now, an invisible plastic tray braces. Even so long, he still doesn't remember I am wearing because he would always ask me to sample food when we go out and somemore want to feed the food into my mouth. I so geram most of the time. Like as if he wants to tease me I can't eat the food.

4. He prefers NOT to have to wake up from bed on the weekends. I can understand if he sleeps late the night before but this is not the case. Even though he already woke up, he still likes to lie on the bed and look at the ceiling fan (dunno thinking about what, usually when asked, he would said nothing). Unlike him, when I wake up, I have to get out of the bed. There are so many things I need to get done.

5. He sleeps TOO EARLY, the latest by 11pm, that's on Wednesday because we watch 'Lost'. Other nights, he would be sleeping around 10-1030pm. Prior to having a baby, he would sleep by 10pm. Sometimes around 9pm. While for myself, I don't get to bed around 12am. Sometimes I will sleep earlier (but still later than him) but that is when I am tired. So how can we make more babies being sleeping on different time?!

6. He still doesn't know how to take care of Brandon after so many days/months the baby has been with us. He doesn't know Brandon's cue most of the time and also he doesn't know how to calm him. This is quite annoying as he always ask me what to do. Like just now, I was trying to apply lotion and he was supposed to play with Brandon. Brandon was laughing but then suddenly he went crying (might be tired). Hubby just sat there with Brandon crying and he asked me what to do, asking me if he was sleepy. i walked over there and saw him with the babyon his lap crying and he wasn't doing anything to help. I told him, raising my voice, "Just carry him and walk around the house lar." When he got up from the floor, Brandon stopped crying. Brandon didn't sleep until 2 hours later.

7. He wears tee shirt and shorts on weekends. Sometimes I want him to dress better because we go out nicer place or to attend some function or to show homes to my clients. But he still wears tee shirts and jeans. Like this past Friday, I attended a Real Estate Fair. He followed me there but only wears tee shirt and jeans.

8. He washes his car so often. It felt like it was just yesterday when he told me he was going to wash his car. But then he said already 2 weeks ago and it will be raining tomorrow. I said let the rain wash your car lar then. His response was, "I wash the car now then is clean, so when the rain comes down, the dirt won't stick to my car." I said back in KL, I only wash my car once a year! Because we have the heavy rain to help wash and clean the dirt away. HA HA!

9. He eats so much beef jerky. He likes to eat junks, I would say it.

10. He very kpc too. He likes to blog hop onto the mommies' blogs listed on my blog. I said why you so kpc want to know about the other people just like me. He should have spend time to play with Brandon and LET ME do the blog hopping!

Ohh ... the list can go on and on but then if so, I will write none stop and won't be able to upload this post/tag.

Being a KPC me ... I am going to tag the following:

Of course the first on my tag list will be my lucky sister. She needs to increase some traffic/ranking.
My friend in Mountain View (Raising Belle's author).
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Sasha said...

ooooo this tag. I always complain about him edi Still wanna list down meh? Hahahahhaha

I pass the tag to another person can ah ?

wHOisBaBy said...

sasha: can can sure can. ya .. i no time to complain individual post ... so one shot complain everything.

Sasha said...

Because, I'm always in Gmail and any comment will automatically be informed ma! Hahaha

Vien said...

aiseh, i turned down michelle's offer to put in this tag leh. how to kutuk my hubby when he reads my blog religiously. :P you're putting me in the spot lah! can skip ar?? hehehe..

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: hehehe ... no problem. can skip of course.

Angeleyes said...

wah... looks like your hubby have lots of similarities with my PB! Except for the car washing... PB hates to wash car and he will drive out his car when it rains so the rain water can wash his car... for FREE!

Btw, PB's relatives are reading my blog too so I might have to do this elsewhere... hhehehee will let you know.

huisia said...

alamak..your hubby really kaypoh la...just so opposite of my hubby. he even commented me "wah,you so free to read other blogs ar?"

G said...

a good insight indeed, thanks for sharing!

Timothy's Mummy said...

Sigh!!! The father of our child. Sometimes can strangle them.....HAHAHAHA. Me so violent. HA!!!!!

Sweetpea said...

thanks for tag! haha vien, sei mei?! :P i think i can quite safely say i can do this tag lor, coz my hubby.... eh, do tag then u read lor hor? :P

LZmommy said...

You are tagged :)

Would like to know what is your fav food :)

zara's mama said...

5 and 6 very similar to mine..

but my case.. I sleep earlier.. he sleeps late.. Now even when I sleep at 1am.. he'll sleep later than me woh.. he'll go to bed say 3am. It's very rare that we'll go to bed together.. Make babies? Can't even chichat!

And 6, yeah.. twice becoming a father, and he still doesn't know how to handle a baby. :|

jazzmint said...

haha punctual oso u wanna complain :P good lor he wait for u mah ;)

Sweetpea said...


Pei Sze said...


Start the car and wait outside? This is really annoying and stressful.

Binky, Blogging & Such said...

Hahaha... your hubby sure got lots of time to blog-hop other mommies' blogs, eh?