May 17, 2007

Name Taggie

This one was sent my way by two blogging mommies, Terry's Mommy and Aidan's Mommy. My son very popular it seems a lot of people want to know what his the name means.

Brandon means ...

"Old English origin, and its meaning is "broom, gorse hill" from

Brandon doesn't have Chinese name. Since we only call him by his English name, Daddy said no need to choose one for him. Daddy has Chinese name but he never use it, MIL calls him his English name, so Daddy said why need another name to confuse people. But MIL always pushed us to get a Chinese name for him as it was difficult for her to pronouce Brandon. But Daddy said a firm 'NO' to her. Then she never asked again.

When Daddy suggested Brandon, the person whom came to my mine was Brandon and Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210. I grew up with that tv series. I like Brandon as the character is a handsome young man. Well, that was the only Brandon I knew.

No one I'm tagging since most of the people already done it. Too many people been tagging each other. OH ... actually now I thought about it, I got one person to tag:

Phoebe's Mommy

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