Mar 30, 2007

Why I married a Los Angeles ABC?

First tag from Becky's Mum. She wants to know why I married my Hubby from Los Angeles worh. Guess I am going to do the original version like Rambling Moo and not the twisted one.

Edit: Rambling Moo said she did the twisted version and not original like I mentioned above.

10 reasons and here we go:

1. He was the first and only guy I dated since I studies in LA. We met through the internet. Where else?! People thought we were from the same college but they were wrong!

2. He used to drive me out kaikai on the weekend. Or else I would stay inside the house as I didn't own a car then and if I needed to go out, it would also be somewhere nearby. With him, we went to far far places where I couldn't go with bus.

3. He is an ABC, so he understand and able to speak Cantonese. We now speak Cantonese at home with a mixture of some slangs from Malaysia of course. He nows understand quite a number of words we would normally used back in Malaysia like roti, tidur, makan, minum, malu, laku ... etc.

4. He bought me a white Baby-G watch not too long after we part time paktor. He also supplemented me with cash US$100 when I went back to KL and then to Hong Kong for vacation with my family. So sweet huh? But I bought back some stuff from HKG for him and his family.

5. He is US Citizen so I would eventually earn my citizenship by marrying him. It is fastest way to get one's US citizenship.

6. He let me be the boss of the house.

7. He is very sweet and when I make noises, he just kept quite and let me make all the noises I want. Not a single word from him.

8. He is tall. I am very short. I am hoping that our offsprings will get his tall gene.

9. He doesn't smoke, drink or go clubbing. I am very allergic to ciggy smoke so I am really glad he doesn't smoke.

10. He supports the family and let me buy what I want. But usually I don't buy too much. I am not a shopping freak. I only buy things when they are really good deal, like when they are FREE after rebate. This week he allowed me to spent some cash to start up my new business - Arbonne Skincare.

Thank you very much for your patient and support. Hopefully, my business will get going and then I can treat him to a short vacation.


Well, let me see whom to tag ... I think most of you already did this one. I will tag my sister, she is trying to start a blog for PPP so she probably needs the traffic. She has yet to provide me with her new blog url, so I have to wait before I can link her here.

I would like to tag Zara and Zaria's mama. She mentioned in Becky's Mum blog's comment that she doesn't know why she married with her husband. Let see if she can come up with 10 reasons.

Next, I will extend my invitation to Ms. Sasha. Don't know if she has done this yet or not. May be not as I checked her front blog didn't see it. She's been busy with her new job. But she is one of the most creative person that can come up with rhyming a tag. Let's see what she comes up with this time.

Last but not least, I very busy body and want to know find out these answers from Vivien. I know Becky's Mum already tagged her, but I tag her again so she has been double tagged.


Angeleyes said...

Wah... your Allan so nice... let you blahblahblah without making any noise! By the way, I was the one with the twisted version ah!

wHOisBaBy said...

angeleyes: i was confused who did the twisted one, sorry ya!?

Sasha said...

eh this one i done long time ago!hahah

wHOisBaBy said...

sasha: oops ... sorry then.

Zara's mama said...

gee.. I really don't know why I married him you know..

Let me see if I can come out with any.

G said...

wah sooo lomantik ... like Korean love dramas except yours is heaps BETTER! Wah ur hubby knows MORE malay words than mine (u've taught him well) ... mine only knows the food words like nasi lemak, roti canai, teh tarik, sambal *LOL*

wHOisBaBy said...

zara mama's: sure you can come up with a few. no need 10 also nevermind. we all busy body bloggers want to find out about more other people.

grace: where got romantik lar. aiyo ... proposal also chin chai chin chai only. i marry becos i want to get greencard. that is true one.

G said...

anna: u married for a greencard? ceh hard to belief lah :P

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: want to remain in usa mar, then visa almost ending already. so get married loh. easy and fast way to get greencard.

sss1979 aka Nicole said...

wow your honey so sweet to you.

wHOisBaBy said...

nicole: ok ok lar. must say nice things because he reads this blog too.