May 9, 2007

TV Series "LOST"

Not sure if you watch Lost, but me and Hubby follow every episod of this series. We missed the 1st season of LOST but were watching it when I was pregnant (half way thru the 2nd season). This series very suspense. I still don't exactly know what is going on on the Island. Very weird lar. In today's episod, it looks like a ghost story. I don't like watching this type of genre or even reading about it. But we still keep watching because we want to find out what is REALLY going on. After following for so many episods if we gave up just like that, not 'kam yuen' (satisfy). We will be in the season finale 2 weeks from today. Hopefully we will get to solve some of the puzzles we've been waiting for answers then.


huisia said...

my hubby is a super friend for LOST

G said...

we used to follow this series too before bee was born but no longer do so coz missed so many episodes already. Now we're into NCIS, Smallville & 24. sooo u takut cerita hantu ke? dont watch Supernatural ... very geli lah.

LiL'deviL said...

Before Ethan was born, I used to watch Desperate Housewives, Numb3rs, The OC, House, Prison Break, Lost and Supernatural. I am still watching Supernatural (download from Ten Network) and I love it, love the thrill! Also still watching House and Prison Break (missed a lot of episodes from these 2 series but still determine), and Lost. Considered cut down a lot already.

Vien said...

Nowadays I don't even have chance to watch those 8pm & 9pm series. :(

wHOisBaBy said...

huisia: you leh? u got watch or not?

grace: i also miss a lot of episod when he was younger because breast feeding him or have to calm him, so didn't watch much of the last season. ya ... i takut hantu one lar. dunno why, because i think too much of the content after the show.

lil'devil: i know u like hantu movie one like mei jiejie. i dun like. i scary cat one.

vien: your time to put belle kaukau chu mar. i also skipped the 8pm series. but still trying to catch house at 9pm.