May 5, 2007

Why so forgetful me?!

I don't if I should blame it on old age or what. But lately, since after being a mom, I am very forgetful. I used to be a person whom reminded my friends about what their schedules and what they needed to do and when. Now, they have to tell me back.

I am so bad with names lately. I can't remember not even 1 of the coworker's names my recent client introduced to me. Actually got 1, because she gave me her name card so I can refer to that. Not really sure why so, guess I really need to write them down next time, but not really nice to do it while I am still with the person. What I do is when someone introduce his/her friend to me, I tried to memorize it, and I remember it at that time. But when I get into my car ... oops ... no matter what I tried I can't bring the name up in my mind.

Shooot! How can I to get more real estate business now?! Actually, I feel embarass not remembering ppl's name. Should be professional mar.

But you know what?! I remember every single detail about Brandon. Like when he do/eat this and that. I tell myself, may be because Brandon is so important to me that I shoved off everything else in my mind and only thing I remember about him. Look what motherhood has done to me now.


G said...

i'm pretty much the same. People in our situation (ie no other helping hand besides hubs) + running a biz + writing blogs *LOL* = stress and being forgetful. i agree, it's frustrating esp. when it's a client's name :D

G said...

oh see lah, forgetful me, i had wanted to congratulate u on ur other blog being PR3 :D

Sasha said...

yeah i turn to be forgetful after giving birth but i can remember about jayden's stuff. why ah?

huisia said...

you know why, that's because you're mother..mother always remember what her son has achieved and what her son has done..blahblah..

just wanna to give your LA site more traffic but i don't know i pasted the URL wrong..hehe...btw,i am not from HK la..from china instead..

Timothy's Mummy said...

Ya la. Me too. So very forgetful. :P

zara's mama said...

It's the same with me..

But for me, it's forgetting details at work.

Btw, I tagged you.. you wanted to do lots of tag right?

Lovely Mummy said...

hi, first time visit ur blog then tagged u....hehe

pls visit to

Wokking Mum said...

I'm the same too! I take a very long time to finally remember names! Telephone numbers are worst!

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: true, no helping hand. but life goes on.
thanks. PR3 only ... nothing so great. but i do get more opps now.

sasha: because you sayang jayden so much that's why. all other things not important, only jayden!

huisia: edited you from china! which part of china btw?

timothy's mommy: must be a mother thing.

zara's mama: got the tag, will do it later. busy with my boy.

lovely mummy: thanks for visiting here. ok i will check out the tag later.

wokking mum: tell me about it. i don't remember even my husband's hp number. i just use the speed dial.

Sweetpea said...

hi anna, i have to say i got my MMs Abroad link idea from you :) and thanks for the link