Mar 22, 2007

A Cake for Myself

If you know me well, you will know that I love cakes. I love visiting bakeries to find out their new items and especially bakeries with Chinese Buns. Yummy! The Chinese Buns I like best is the Pineapple with powdered milk filling. But I also like others like HotDog Bun, Red Bean w/ Mochi Bun, Raisin Bun and so much more. I had so many of these buns when I was in my confinement month because my diet was really limited during that time.

Anyway, after having the leftover from my son's birthday cake, it still wasn't enough for me. I really like that choclate cake so much. So last Saturday, I went out to purchase another cake from Torrance Bakery. A whole 7" single layer chocolate cake with chocolate french cream (this cream is lighter than the buttercream which I had for the Pooh's birthday cake) for myself. I finished it in 5 days. Hopefully, no extra pound left inside me after this sweet treat. May be because is the french cream which is lighter, I felt I still need another cake with the REAL BUTTERCREAM to fulfill my craving. Guess we will have to visit Torrance Bakery another round this weekend.


G said...

Fuiyooo my Kiwi G also has a sweet tooth like u. Wel u deserve u give urself a treat after all the hardwork in bringing up Brandon :D and please lah, u so slim, can afford to eat 10 cakes - no worries hehehe.

sue said...

I can't get enough of cakes too :D

Anna Kee said...

grace: my hubby no sweet tooth as me. he MAINLY likes beef jerky. sometimes he will go for chocolates. anyway ... i am a cake person. hehehe

sue: you too huh? i love enjoying cakes at coffee bean over there. coffee bean here doesn't offer much cakes varieties as in KL.

Angeleyes said...

My gawd! You finished that all by yourself??????????

How I wish you stay next door so you can be my taster!

wHOisBaBy said...

angeleyes: then i can give u review on your cakes. =)