Mar 3, 2007

The Pooh and Friends Cake

Hubby went to pick up the cake at 1030am and also to pick up the fried chicken we ordered. When he arrived home, I went out to help him bring in the stuff (mainly "my cake"). The moment he opened the trunk of the car, I smelled the sweet scent of the buttercream. It was just wonderful and delicious. I couldn't wait to place a bite of that sweet thing in my mouth. The buttercream scent filled our dining room. Here is the picture of the REAL cake, measuring 17" x 11".

EDIT: supposedly this 1/2 sheet cake can feed 30-40 people. 30 -32 people (Hubby's side relatives) was our initial count on guests that were coming. But only about 20 (including us) came. The next lower tier of cake is 1/4 sheet which serves 12-16 people and cost $37. Anyhow, we have to order the 1/2 sheet. It turns out ok, though we have so much leftover. It is very delicious and yummy. The cake itself is very rich in flavor (chocolate), but the buttercream wasn't too sweet, but just nice and I love it. I am going to be a little fatter this coming weeks as we have so much leftovers from the party, mostly they are the "rich and fatty" food.

This much cake was left for ourselves (about 1/3 of the 1/2 sheet cake) which is A LOT!


sue said...

Does that cake taste as yummy as it looked?

Vien said...

Wow! That's a big many ppl did you invite?

wHOisBaBy said...

sue: oooh ... too yummy, dunno how to put in words. it smells so good.

vien: we invited 30 something earlier, but a lot of them didnt come. like i said in the "edit" the next lower tier is the 1/4 sheet which is only enough for 12-16 people. next time we cut "bigger" pieces to serve. today we cut smaller pieces becos most of the guests said they were full and wanted a smaller piece, we thought they can have seconds if they wanted to. hehehe

beckysmum said...

The cake looks pretty and yummy!! I would love to help you finish your cake :-)

wHOisBaBy said...

beckysmum: come come help me finish it. it is very very delicious. very rich too. i had so many slices already, i think my cholesterol level is going sky high next time i go check up.