Mar 27, 2007

Arbonne International - My New Business

During Brandon's birthday party, my cousin-in-law gave me a pack of samples of their Not-So-Basics Arbonne Intelligence, which consists each 0.1oz pack of daily cleansing, daily balancer (toner), exfloating masque with thermal fusion, eye cream and day & night moisturizer.

I was skeptical about the product at first and only started using the samples a week ago (3 weeks after she gave me). I feel a different to my face texture immediately after using the product for the first time. Though be warned, when using the exfloating masque, it has made my face reddened. I was shocked when I saw my own tanned-like face in the mirror after washing out the masque. But then I read the instruction on the package that this is normal and it also means that the product has worked to removed the dead skin on my face. The redness went away in less than an hour. Woooh ... I was almost going to call my cousin-in-law to give her a shout on that. I only use the masque once. But since then, my face has been so smooth, just like the baby skin. I wish everyone reading this can touch and feel my face. I've wished that I learn about this product sooner.

Today, I've signed up to be the Independent Consultant for a skin care line Arbonne International. I am taking this opportunity to start up a business in this skincare line which I think will benefits a lot of people who likes to take care of their look.

I doubt many of you known about this name, Arbonne. Their products were developed/formulated in Switzerland 25 years ago and made in USA. They are botanical and herbal based. They are also natural, pure, safe and beneficial to our skin. And by signing up as an Independent Consultant, I will get 35% off their suggested retail price. Yes, this is like a multi level direct sales marketing company but their products are good and sell themselves easily. Prices are very reasonable compare to other skincare brands too.

I will write more about this business opporturnity when I received my starter up kit with the order I've just placed this afteroon.


G said...

sounds tempting indeed :P wahh u'll be even busier from now on :D

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: yalor, sahm mar. so need to find ways to earn more money. or else cannot buy things i want for myself.

G said...

anna: eh REA makes big commission wor ... like the ones over here all drive expensive cars :P

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: true REA make big commission. but no time to run around showing them homes cos the little one. REA sometimes very demanding, which i cannot give. also no time to prospect ppl to buy homes or sell. i wish i have more ppl that has more money to buy RE. oh btw, i only drive camry. no expensive car yet. hopefully with arbonne, i can be successful and drive their white benz. =)