Mar 19, 2007

Pay Per Post and Paypal

I have a question, if you signed up with PPP, you will need a paypal account. For those who already had received fundings from PPP, does Paypal take off a percentage of your received fund as a service charge?

I currently have a "BUSINESS" paypal account which I used for ebay purposes. That account allows credit card payments from my buyer which if I have a Personal account only 5 credit cards transactions are allowed for a period of 12 months. But with the "Business" account, even if my buyer pays using their checking account, I will be charged for the 1.9% of the total payment received + 30cents transaction fee. But if I have a "Personal" account, funding received thru checking / bank account is free.

I am wondering if I should sign up another account with Paypal just for PPP only. Not even sure if Paypal allows a second account with a different email address. Anyway, all comments are appreciated. Thank you in advance.


IMMomsDaughter said...

Ya, you are right. The other day when I transferred the money to my BIL who is an ebay seller, my money got deducted. Really a bummer!

We do not get deducted for personal account but I dunno whether you can sign up for another one. Keep me posted, I'll like to know too. Thanks!

G said...

I guess u've got it sorted out by now, Anna. But just in case, I hv a Paypal biz a/c too and gets charged for whatever funds that comes in. I signed up for another Paypal personal a/c with a different email address (a gmail one) and have received PPP funds as well as trasferred funds from my biz a/c to the personal a/c, without any fees deducted. I think Paypal allows more than one a/c per person ... bcoz I also hv another personal Paypal a/c which for the life of me, I could not remember the password *LOL* thus I set up the gmail addy one

wHOisBaBy said...

thank you both for your input. i've since opened a personal account with a different email addie. will be using this for ppp purposes. hope to start writing for ppp asap.

sss1979 aka Nicole said...

wow..this is very new to me..havnt get any pay frm ppp yet. but... now only i know... got such thing

Anna Kee said...

nicole: u need a blog to get money. not a website. may be you want to create a blog using your domain. there are other ways to make money thru blogging which i've just started with the pay per post. will update on how i did.