Sep 29, 2006

Baby Food - Stage 2

Previously, I've blogged about Stage 1 Baby Food. Now Brandon has graduated to Stage 2. Well, we've been feeding him Stage 2 since last month. The portion is (3.5oz / 113g compared to 2.5oz / 71g in stage 1) more on each package/jar and the cost about the same. First, I was concerned about the different texture it might have, but I found out it is hard to tell. I was careful to only feed him "single ingredient" Stage 2 Baby Food up till his 6 months appointment. After that, I started to include 2 or more ingredients baby food.

We are buying two different brands, Gerber and Beechnut. We didn't want him accustomed to just one brand as their flavor may be slightly different. So far, he likes all of them. I also tried them myself before I feed him each flavor for the first time, and they taste ... GOOOD! The food is not too sweet or too bland.

We have not giving him any juices yet. Not recommended by our pediatrician. He said most of the juices are just sugar water. Only give baby apple juice if he is really constipated. We also didn't give him any water with honey. I remember when my sister and brother were babies, my mother used to give them water with honey. But now, it is NOT recommended to give baby under 1 year of age any honey as their digestive system is not mature enough to digest the enzyme in honey.

Below are pictures of my stock of baby food bought during sales. They are about $0.50/jar for Beechnut, and about $1/2 packs for Gerber.


crazymommy said...

We used to get Beechnut for Nikita when she was younger because it was cheaper than Gerber, about 5jars for $2. Are you in Gerber mailing list yet? They do send $ saving coupons for redemption, so join them if you have not.

No need apple juice, just get Stage 2 Blueberry & apple, or Prune & Pear puree. They work much better than the juice. Nikita has so much problems with constipation in the past and those really help to soften her stool.

wHOisBaBy said...

crazymommy: i am in both mailing list, beechnut and gerber. i do occassionally receive coupons from gerber but not beechnut. we tried prunes and it work superbly.