Sep 28, 2006

Japanese Snack - Taiyaki

OOh ... I love this snack. Got it on sale from a Japanese groceries store (Marukai) locally. It is frozen with 5 pcs in a bag. Bought it for $3.98. Almost $1 a piece. It is very convenient for me. If I want to eat just one piece, I heat it up in the microwave and 1 minute later, I have HOT and delicious Taiyaki at home! Sometimes, I eat this as a lunch replacement when I am running short in time for lunch or if I am not too hungry.

The bag of Taiyaki

Frozen Taiyaki BEFORE reheat

Delicious and warm Taiyaki ready for eating ... **Yummy**


Zara's Mama said...

ee.. nice?

This kind of pastry thing would be nicer if it's fresh.. but I guess beggers can't be chosers.

wHOisBaBy said...

zara mama's: of course cannot compare with freshly made ones, but they are pretty good.

Allyfeel said...

looks pretty good ler. Meal replcement? I ususally settle for salad as meal replcement instead. :)

wHOisBaBy said...

allyfeel: no salad at home. i do like salad with eggs if i have them readily available in the fridge.