Oct 4, 2006

What is the cost of baby diapers in Malaysia?

How much does baby diaper cost in Malaysia?

I know it is different depending on brands and also sizes. Here, I sometimes get diapers online (amazon.com) and several times at the local stores. For Brandon's size now (he is wearing size 4 American size, for baby weighs 22lbs and up, he weighs around 9-10kg), is around USD0.18 each piece for Huggies Regular. For Pampers Cruiser (with stretchy bands) size 4 is about USD0.20 a piece. There are others cheaper brands like Stores' brands, Sam's club own brand (Smiles) and even BBRU own brand (Especially for Babies).

We bought BBRU brand during their sales to test it out. It was $15 plus tax for each box (quantity different depending on sizes). I don't remember the total pieces of the size 4 diapers as we already threw away the box a long time ago. If I remember correctly, BBRU's brand is around USD0.15 per diaper. So far, we have no bad experience with this brand of diaper. We may want to try Smiles, Sam's club brand the next time. For a size 4 box of 152 diapers, Smiles brand comes out to cost about USD0.14 a piece.

Each day, we use between 5-8 diapers, depending how many times he poops a day. Average I will say about 6 diapers a day. If no pooping, I usually will change the diapers every 3-4 hours (daytime). Night time he will wear it from around 9-10pm till morning around 7-8am. We use Huggies Supreme for his night time wearing.

It is difficult for us to use clothe diaper as we need to have him wear different clothings in different season. If is all the time summer, we can consider clothe diapers. I do let him wear clothe diapers once in a while (now), especially if a short time wears is needed before bath time. These clothe diapers from Malaysia which my aunt brought me are getting smaller for Brandon. He actually doesn't fit in them anymore, but I just let him wear it. We didn't use the safety pin, just tie it down with a knot. Faster and more safer way instead of using the pin.


Egghead said...

we use MamyPoko only... for XL size... almost RM1 per piece... unless you buy them during offer :)

Judy Chow said...

Drypers about 45 cents/pc, MamyPoko about 75 cents/pc. For size S..I hav try many brand, some even cheaper than 45 cents..wah, u used so many in a day. i only used like 3-4 pcs with only 1 poo a day. at night used MamyPoko till next morning. I wanted to used cloth diapers too..but sometimes too busy to change him..not too often used now...will get some diaper liner and put it on top of the cloth diaper then it will b better to wear. And here, we hav those cloth diaper pant, no need to tied one...very neat when wearing it.

N's Mummy said...

Hi again Brandon's mummy,
Brandon is growing fast and is such a cutie!
Check out this web for cloth nappies. No need for safety pins .... it's fab!

wHOisBaBy said...

egghead: then must buy lots of it during offer.

judy chow: the cloth diaper i have is now too small for brandon. very seldom wear now the cloth ones. have to change a lot because i was worry about diaper rash.

n's mummy: thanks. i've heard about bumwear, they are expensive!

G said...

I actually bought something similar to that bumwear ie Minappi brand but ended up not using them at all. Too tedious to wash especially when baby does a poo poo - even if one uses nappy liner, it's time consuming to wash them clean. I've been using Huggies ever since as it is only a few bucks a day.

wHOisBaBy said...

g: it is a hassle to clean up the clothe diaper if baby poops. we also like to take it easy (since no maid) so we chose the disposable.