Feb 9, 2008

Sat 2/2 - Sun 2/3

What did we do this weekend?

Saturday 2/2 and Sunday 2/3

Oops ... I forgot what we did this two days. But we had a lot of rain so I don't think we did much that two days.

Saturday, we went to the Torrance Farmers Market, JJ Bakery and Sam's Club to buy milk.

And for Sunday, I remember we went to Manhattan Village Mall and I visited the Apple store. After that we stopped by The Right Start, a specialty store for baby and children products to find the Dwink Holder but they only have PINK color in stock. We would prefer the orange one than pink for our son.

That's all I remember, unless if I check our credit cards transactions, probably I will find out where we had our lunch/dinner for that weekend.

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