Jan 31, 2008

Fri 1/22 - Sat 1/23

What did we do today?

Friday 1/22/2008

This morning I went to see a Chinese doctor at Monterey Park, and she told me to keep trying and when I really want to get pregnant, I should go again and she will perform acupuncture to trigger the release of egg/eggs. She said she didn't want to let me drink any chinese herbs as you know those concoction is very dark in color hence will give a dark color skin baby. So I told her I will try a few more months and if still no result, I will go back to see her. I may need to be travelling in the next few months so I will take it slowly.

Then we asked Brandon where he wanted to go, and his reply, "NEN!" which means Disneyland. So we went. Although the weather forecast said that it may be raining but we were prepared. We brought umbrella and also caps just incase. But while we were there, there was no rain at all. We didn't take any ride except for the Merry-Go-Around at Disney California Adventure. We had lunch and ice-cream at the park. We left the part around 2:30pm and on the way back home, Brandon fell asleep in the car.

As for dinner, we tried the new Thai restaurant - Three Spice Kitchen in Gardena. We ordered Pad See Eew, Grill BBQ Chicken and Chicken Satay for appetizer. Food wasn't great but average. We spent a little over $20 for this dinner to-go. Ya, it is better for us to have it at home because Brandon would not co-operate if we eat out somewhere there's no ceiling fan.

After dinner, we went to the Del Amo Mall for a walk.

Saturday 1/21/2008

This morning, we went to Walmat, Torrance Farmers Market, to my real estate office (TRG) to drop off the check for business license fee, Korean Market and then to Sam's club. Came back home around 11:45am. Fed Brandon his lunch while waiting for a friend to return my call. We were supposed to have lunch together that day. I called him several times, and I couldn't get the hold of him. He returned my called later in the evening and told me he left his cell at his work. No wonder I couldn't get to him.

So we ate lunch ourselves at Big Island near Walmart.. We weren't really hungry so we ordered a plate of their combination bbq and shared between the two of us. After lunch, we went to Marukai to shop a little bit. We planned to have steam boat for dinner so we got some meat and vege from there too.


Angeleyes said...

I know it's not easy to get preggy... I wonder why also... *sigh* very tired of trying...

KittyCat said...

HI...first time to this blog of yours. I didn't know you were trying, guess not everyone is as public as me LOL

You may know about the tips already but I followed the fertility tips provided by BabyCenter (linked in my post here: http://apregnantpause.net/2008/09/27/preparing-for-no-2/)

I was pretty stressed about it that Hubby had to do a bit of counselling to calm me down and get me to focus on doing things I'm happy with i.e. blogging, part-time work and joining a gym...

Guess what I'm saying is: think back of your state of mind when you guys tried for Brandon. Hope this helps. Hang in there, ya.