Jan 27, 2008

Sunday 1/20/2008

What did we do this past Sunday?

Sunday 1/20/2008

We visited Michales to look for more tools for my cake decorating class. Next to this plaza where was a Party City store, so we dropped by to check out the themes available to prepare for my son's 2nd birthday bash. Afterwards, we went by Whole Food Market in El Segundo but didn't buy any grocery.

We had lunch at Lee's Tofu, because there's ceiling fans around the restuarant. The price of the food went up about $1 a dish. It is about $9 a bowl of tofu and rice now. This may be the last time we dine here for a long while. It is not really worth to get lunch outside for $9. Their hot stone tofu bowl is very delicious but I don't think is worth $9 for lunch menu.

Before we went home, I went in to Smart and Final and bought a tub of Butter Flavor Crisco to make the buttercream icing we needed for the cake decorating class on Tuesday. Then later at home, I made a batch of buttercream icing and tried hands on with some cake decorating tips. It was fun, but I realize the counter I was working on was a bit too high. Next time I should do it at the dining table.

I should have written up this post sooner. Now I tried to think what we had for dinner but I can't remember.

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