Jan 20, 2008

Saturday 1/19/2008

What did we do this weekend?

I need to start writing down what we've been doing over the weekend because when I tried to remember what we've done the last weekend, I just can't recall.

On Saturday (1/19/2008)

Last night, I made a list of things to do today and we accomplished everything on the list.

Brandon woke up very early this morning at 7am. I wasn't expecting him until 8am. We got things together and left the home for Torrance Farmers Market by 9am. It was nice to be there early as there were still many parking spaces available. We bought some food and I also got a parsley plant to grow from home for cooking.

Next we dropped by Del Amo Mall to pick up some stuff from Joann. We did it quickly and then we went to Sam's club to get milk, and some other grocery items. At check out I suggested for us to get the 2 hotdogs and drinks ($1.50 per set) from Sam's club for lunch at Zoo later.

Left Sam's club before 11am and went home to drop off the grocery. Brandon was asleep in the car during the trip back home. We didn't want to wake him up so we let the engine runs while we moved the stuff into the house.

The traffic was good on the way to the Los Angeles Zoo and we arrived before 12pm. Brandon was still sleeping and we found a good parking spot. We ate our hotdogs in the car. Woke him up after we were done and headed inside the Zoo. We saw the new Gorillas' exhibit.

Brandon wanted to walk but he wasn't looking where he was walking and kept stumbling on other visitors. Or he would hop goin down the slope. For the very first, ge didn't want to hold me hands while walking which made me really mad. When I tried to hold his hand, he threw tantrum, arched his back backward. I carried him and it was tough as he was still squirming and arching. Hubby was pushing the stroller. We left the park.

During the car ride, he didn't nap but I did for a short 5 mins. When we got home, Hubby took him out for a walk while I vacuumed and mopped the dining plus kitchen area. After that, we went out again to Trader Joe's. Bought some stuff and we headed to our favorite Pho place for early dinner. After dinner, it was around 5:30pm, Brandon slept in the car on the way back.

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