Dec 16, 2007

Switched from queen to twin

Ahh ... big news! I am now sharing a twin size bed with my very tossy son. We officially moved from my bedroom to his and from a queen size bed to a twin size bed beginning of November. Wow, if I am not writing this, I don't even know that I've been sleeping there for more than a month!

I have to sleep with him because my son is very tossy, restless, 'lan fun'. When I put him to sleep, he will be cozy under the comforter. However, the next moment I go inside, he would be on top of the comforter like this.

Since it is winter now, I don't want him to fall sick so I have to sleep with him to ensure he is always warm and under the blanket. Also in the middle of the night, he gets thirsty (because he opens his mouth and breath through it making his throat dry). I am really like a 24hrs servant to him. *shake head*


Constance Chan said...

my girls bunk in our room too and will not sleep in theirs. my elder girl-7, sleeps with me on the supersingle mattress on the floor adn daddy shares with my 3yr old on our queen.. its been like tat for some time. they cant sleep together because they are both loggerheads and spins 24 hours whole night... sigh..

first time here, cheers

Angeleyes said...

hahhaa! Brandon is really lan-fun.
Darrius don't like the blanket too so I have to keep pulling his pants to make sure they covered his legs

May said...

Hahaha, same with my Carson! Carson also very lan fan. Even my little Calvin, have the sign already. I think nowadays, all kids are the same. May be because of we have more space for them to spin loh.