Dec 16, 2007

I want a new bathroom

Our old home has two bathrooms - a full bath and a 3/4 bath (with shower). Our master bedroom has the 3/4 bath attached to it. It is very small compare to the newer bathrooms where they are almost as huge as a bedroom.

I really want an attached master bathroom that complete with a full bath or jacuzzi, a shower, two sinks (a her and a him), walk-in closet, enclosed toilet and a sky light, with optional LCD TV. I don't think I can have such a bathroom in our home at this time unless we consider expanding the current layout of the house. Our house is small, only 1300sqft at the current layout. If we are remodeling part of the house, I can also add another bedroom to it.

It will be a lot of work and a big project, but we can have it done when we decided to cover up the swimming pool at the backyard. If the city allows us to extend our home to the front, it may work too. Or we can build a second storey up and add more bedrooms.

When that time comes for this BIG project, we will be looking carefully for estimates on these works from Roofing Contractors to general contractors through a network of carefully pre-screened, licensed and insured home remodeling contractors from Signature Contractors Website. From this website, you can request 3 estimate appointments for free. After each contractor has presented their estimate, it is up to you to decide whom the best to hire for the job.

Our home improvement may sound tedious but may still be cheaper than for us to get a new home in this neighborhood.

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