Dec 14, 2007

A wonderful pre-Christmas gift for Mommy

Dear Baby,

Mommy just want you to remember this. Here you are posing happily with mommy’s pre-Christmas gift, a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer, from the nice and wonderful people at Hamilton Beach®.

Mommy was one of the lucky winners when she submitted her video post earlier last month with you starring in it. Although you were crying and didn’t show much enthusiasm by being Mommy’s little helper/mixer in our little baking adventure, our video post was selected to win a beautiful All-Metal Pineapple Hamilton Beach® Mixer. Thank you so much for being a sport in Mommy’s previous video.

Now with this new Hamilton Beach® Eclectrics® Mixer, Mommy can make cookies for snack in the morning even in her PJs. Most importantly, she doesn't have to make you 'cry' anymore during her baking session. And while the mixer is working on the cookie dough, Mommy can play 'Little Piggy' with you. You can have all the time you want from her now.

This extremely quiet Hamilton Beach® Eclectrics® All-Metal Stand Mixer is a great addition to any family. Mommy's next project would be to try different recipes for cupcakes and hopefully she is able to find a delicious cupcake recipe for your 2nd birthday bash early March 2008.

Mommy xoxo


LiL'deviL said...

Congrats! Did they pay you again for this?

Angeleyes said...


Wah you are extremely lucky this year!!!

MamaBoK said...


Lemonjude said...

Congrats! thats a big winning gift from a contest...

U are so lucky always gets to win..

May said...

Wah, Congrats!

My mum and I said you always so lucky one. Yalah, will they pay you again for this?