Nov 27, 2007

A new plan for Christmas week

We have a change in plan. Instead of going up North to Oregon, we may be going south to San Diego during the week of Christmas and New Year holiday. We discussed about the trip up North and found it not necessary doable for a 3-4 days trip. The drive along may take 2 days to go up since we have a little toddler with us, it is not easy to have a straight non stop drive. We have to have frequent stop so the toddler won't feel so stiff inside the car. We also need to fill up gas and eat.

So instead we are planning a new trip. This time we are going south to San Diego. The drive is not that far from Los Angeles. It takes the most 2 to 2.5 hours drive with no traffic. One time when I went down to San Diego with a group of friends on Thanksgiving Day and took us 4 hours to get to Sea World, and by that time we arrived, it was almost closing.

This time we are planning to get discounted tickets to the local attractions through Trusted Tours and Attractions. Readers, if you sign up now for their newsletters and you will automatically entered into their 4 free tickets drawing of any attractions and tours found on their website in 21 cities. Besides San Diego, they also cater to Key West, Savannah and more.

Now I need to check out the hotel rate and start making our reservation.

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