Nov 27, 2007

I love noodles

I just love to eat noodles, soup or dry, doesn't matter. Usually when we go out for restaurant hunting, and when Hubby what I want for lunch/dinner, I will usually suggest noodles. I love it and the second reason is that my son can eat it easily. We haven't been to any local steak house since a long time back (except the time we went up to SF when we stopped at Harris Ranch). My son can't take a lot of meat. I guess he still need to develop more teeth for chewing this. So the best food for all of us either noodles or rice. I would go out for noodles any chance I have, as rice I can make at home.


huisia said...

i also love others, i just hate mee-hoon..don't know why :)

zara's mama said...

I like noodle too, but sometimes if I don't eat rice for a long time, I will miss rice..