Nov 22, 2007

Vietnamese Noddle for dinner

We love Vietnamese noodles. My first experience with this dish was in Rowland Heights when I was still in college. An ex-college mate (I don't know where she is now), her name is Nina, had introduced me to Vietnamese noodles. I love it since then.

Luckily, we no longer need to travel to Rowland Heights (travel time between 30-35mins from home) for Vietnamese noodles as we found one that is even better in their soup base located in Lawndale. It is also very near to my Hubby's work place. So at times when I don't prepare dinner, we will get this to-go.

They pack the noodles, onion/cilantro and cooked meat in 1 box, the soup in another box (we don't use plastic bag here), and the 'taugeh' (bean sprout)/basil/lime in a plastic bag. This is such a comfort food for us, especially on a cold winter day.


Angeleyes said...

I love the Vietnamese Pho too.... I like it with lots of lime juice!

wHOisBaBy said...

angeleyes: come visit LA again, and I will take you to this pho place. it is sooooo good!!! I also like it with lots of lime.