Nov 28, 2007

PageRank dropped again

This morning after reading my Hubby's blog about his PR drop, I quickly went over to my PPP to check, thinking my blogs would be OK. But like his, both my blogspot blogs PR went down to big fat ZERO! Both had PR 2 just yesterday and now is KOSONG! I really don't understand why is so. Number of hits remained the same, not much different from previously. I guess it is all depending on how much Google loves your blog or not.

You will probably see less of me blogging here now. If you want to see picture and read my story, hop on to here.


Angeleyes said...

Oh dear!
Well, I guess all of us kena until jialat-jialat...
All my blogs kena TELUR BESAR!!!

SEO Engineering 101 said...

I actually discussed about this here but one thing for sure..don't mention PPP!

SEO Algo for Google @

best regards

azrin @
Worst Non-US Blogger 2007

LiL'deviL said...

SAME! *$%&*@w&$%*#&*!!!

SayangMommy said...

I had the same problem :( From pg 2 straight to pg 0!

This is frustrating