Nov 2, 2007

Holiday in Venice

I haven't been to Europe ever. We should have done the Europe vacation when we were still a couple because it would be much easier. Now I guess we will have to wait till our son grows up. May be when Hubby retires from work and we can go for our second honeymoon at Venice.

Why Venice? Well, it is by far one of the most romantic city in the world. We've a glimpse of Venice through the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas but I bet the real one should be much better. We enjoy walking thru The Grand Canal and watching people riding on the gondolas.

When it comes to accommodation at Venice, we'll probably look for some Venice apartments at different cities. It will feels like we really are staying in Venice instead of just be there for vacation.

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Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

I just want to comment on ur post

Wah yeloh powah was (still is I am sure) so romantic. No wonder he managed to get u to marry him, hehehe. U must blog more abt his romantic antics, else he sounds like "kayu" from ur current blog entries abt him at times *LOL*