Oct 31, 2007

Met my uncle at Disneyland

My uncle (ah pek), my father's oldest brother, and his wife came for holiday in LA and SF. They arrived on Oct 11th at LAX. The next day they followed their tour group to Disneyland. I told my Hubby to get off that day so we could go at least meet them at Disneyland. It was going to be difficult to meet up outside their tour iternary as they are jam packed with activities everyday.

So we did! We bought our annual passes to the theme parks and went to Disneyland on Oct 12th. I was a little nervous that we may not be able to find them. Fortunately, we set the place to meet the night before and at 930am they came and we met and went around the rides together.

Sorry to say that they ditched their group while they joined us. But later that day, they rejoined their friends as we had to leave the park early. Brandon was a little tired though he had a nap there, but he didn't want to take the cold milk so we had no choice to leave to go home. If we found out earlier there was a baby center at Disneyland, we could have warm the milk there. Well, next time we know.

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