Sep 17, 2007

Take good care of your skin

That's what my mother always tell me. If you take good care of your skin, you will stay younger longer with less wrinkles and age spots. Of course I follow my skin care regime everyday. I cleanse, apply toner and moisturizer to my face daily. Once a week, I will scrub and apply masque. My skin is always softer and smoother after scrub and masque.

One day when I was having my regular facial at the salon, my esthetician recommended me to try R.G. Skin Revitalizer. She explained to me that sometimes just caring for the skin from the outside is not enough. Healthy skin should also come from within.

R. G. which stands for Red Gâc, is a type of fruits found in the sub-tropical Asian countries, especially in Vietnam. Recently through research, this fruit has been found to have abundance in natural carotenoid antioxidant which helps to promote healthy immune system, helping the skin rejuvenation at cellular level and more. The plant uses carotenoid to protect itself from excess sunlight, so you can imagine what it can help for our skin.

Unlike other exotic fruit supplement (noni, mangosteen, acai), Red Gâc is an oil and not a juice. The soluble fat from the fruit pulp is essential to help our body to absorb the nutrients from Red Gâc.

Before I left the salon, she reminded me to also eat healthy and drink lots of water because these also help promote healthy skin.

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