Sep 18, 2007

Do I prefer working outside?

Sometimes I really wish I am. I wish I can be a Working Mom while having someone else taking care of Brandon. May be I can appreciate my boy more that way. Taking care of him 24/7 is tough, kinda drain all my energy and concentration, and mostly patient.

On top of that, I am do work from home, Real Estate, Arbonne and blogging. These also take up more of my braincells. It is not easy I tell you, but I am managing. What to do? I still want to have my own earning. Don't want to depend all on my lowgong.

How I wish I can have 1 day a week just for myself or may be just half a day. Probably go shopping and have a massage. The reason I can't let go is that I don't trust anyone to take care of Brandon. *sigh* I know, I should learn to let go easily but I can't. I don't even trust Hubby to care for Brandon for 1 whole day, may be an hour or two should be OK. But whole day - NEH!

So I am stuck because I can't trust anyone. End up, susah (difficult) myself loh.

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Blur Mommy said...

I guess this is the price we pay when we live overseas, ya? Maybe u shld start looking into pre-school seriously. Can start off with 1 or 2 days per week.