Sep 17, 2007

My own time?

My Hubby goes to work early in the morning. Comes back around 5-5:30pm. My main task for the day time when Hubby is not around is to take care of Brandon, and earn some extra income by blogging. I cook sometimes, I clean, I do laundry (my own, Brandon's, the diapers, beddings, towels, floor mats) and more.

So I would need a little time to myself in the evening. But my only ME TIME is after Brandon goes to sleep, probably around 10pm onwards. I was so tired by then, I can only stay up until 12am latest. A few nights I stayed up till 1230am but I was too tired the next day.

Between 10pm-12am I usually sit in front of my laptop whilst blogs hopping, postings, editing pictures as well as doing other chores like cleaning up, washing diaper, folding cloths, and if I have any extra time will try to catch part of a movie/tvb series but very seldom.

So there you go ... my barely 2 hours daily ME TIME.


Sasha said...

thats why i prefer to work.

btw i like yr header!

Blur Mommy said...

sounds very familiar!! hehehe... Dun worry, u will get ur ME time very soon. :)

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Hi.. hopped over from Sasha. I'm exactly like you but I can tahan until 1.30am cos my hubs only came home at 12mn from work almost everynite.. :P