Sep 28, 2007

How to wash cloth diapers

This is how I launder my cloth diapers (fitted and pockets).

When the diaper is soiled with urine, I will take out the insert (not the pocket) and rinse them with hands under running tap water. Then I will leave him hanging on the rim of the pail. Same thing with fitted diapers, if is soiled, rinse and twist dry it and hang it. If the pail's rim is full, then I place the inserts into the pail while continue hanging the fitted diapers around it. Pocket diapers I leave it on the laundry room's table.

If it is soiled with solid, then I slide it off into the toilet and then rinse the diaper under COLD running water until I don't see any stain/stuff on the diaper. If there is stain, I use a little earth friendly detergent to rub it down. And leave the detergent on the diaper until washing time.

When the time come to wash the diapers, I place them in several laundry nets. Run them on 1 regular cycle with high level on cold water with a little earth friendly detergent.

After that is done, I stop the machine and turn it back to the beginning of the cycle again. Also with high water level but with warm wash and cold rince. I place into the load, 1 scoop of detergent with 4-5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil for cleansing also for slight fresh scent. I close the washer's lid and wait till the whole cycle is done then the diapers are reading for hanging.

I do not use dryer as I do not have one. So I line dry outside under the sun.

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