Sep 26, 2007

Daily Diaper Laundry

Sometimes I get fed up using and washing cloth diapers. The reason being I have to do the laundry every evening after my son went to sleep. My son can use all the 10 cloth diapers we have (6 fitted and 4 pockets) in 1 day. By that time in the evening, I am so exhausted and tired. I just want to hit the sack and sleep too. But I still need to do the diapers laundry and then hang them.

I had them done in the evening because the diapers can dry slightly over night and take less time to dry in the sun. As we are approaching fall season now, the sun is not as hot anymore. Even with overnight drying, the cloth diapers still need to be out there for 5-7 hours before fully dried.

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