Sep 10, 2007

A casual conversation

We get to see so many relatives during the family gathering at my husband's uncle house. Most of them, we only see once a year during the gathering. This time, with my little one running around, I could hardly start a conversation with anyone. I always wanted to talk to my husband cousin's wife who has a little boy about 9 months older than our child, would love to share motherhood experience with her. But since both of us were too busy looking after our boys, we usually didn't chat for long.

While we were having a conversation, an aunt came to join in. Somehow, she thought we were talking about plastic surgery and told us that a casual friend of hers had successfully lost some extra weight after going through a procedure at Beverly Hills Liposculpture facility.

Between my cousin-in-law's wife and I, both of us felt kind of awkward about "our aunt" surprised conversation. But she didn't sense it as she continued on about how she has Botox every 3 months to reduce the wrinkles around her eyes. She then told us another friend of her didn't have Botox and her eyes look so droopy, especially when she didn't have make-up on. Later, she told us that one day she will probably go for eyelift and facelift surgeries to fix up her face.

Then she turned to us and asked us what plastic surgeries we were discussing about? We laughed and told her we weren't talking about plastic surgery at all. We were discussing about motherhood and how pregnancy and having babies had changed how our bodies look. My aunt then asked if we are talking about tummy tuck? We laughed again. By that time, we were called in for the dinner.

But now thinking back about it, may be after I am all done with having kids, I will look for a Mommy Makeover. I know there are a lot of places that I need to fix, so mind as well fixes all together at once.

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