Sep 10, 2007

School tomorrow

Registered for a toddler's parenting class beginning tomorrow, once a week until Dec 7th. It will be at Torrance Adult School at Griffith Center. I don't know but my son kinda sense there is something on tomorrow. He didn't want to sleep until just 5 mins ago, which was 1020pm. He only napped once today from 1pm to 2pm. That means he was up from 2 until 1020pm, close to 8.5hours.

He was supposed to be sleeping after his bath around 730pm. But Daddy couldn't get him to sleep and instead made him cried. I was trying to get some 'me' time then but ended up I had to put away the pear which I sliced and wanted to eat. Trying to enjoy a piece of fruit in a peaceful environment is so difficult. It was 8pm then Luckily, I was able to squeeze in a shower between then and now.

But my pear is still in the fridge since I already brushed my teeth. Will save it for tomorrow, may bring it with me and have it as a snack tomorrow at the school. It will be from 9am to 1215pm. Hopefully I will be able to wake up early to get ready before the lil one does.

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