Aug 15, 2007

An ultimate vacation

Like I've said I am so in need of a vacation. I need a break from all the things I've been doing as a mother and want to get a vacation just for myself. I am so envy when a friend of mine just returned from a trip from around the world tour.

He didn't have much saving but he took out loans for his ultimate vacation. He said life is too short not to enjoy and he is now still single, so he had to do it before he settled down. Now he is back and looking for a new job. He has planned out all his future for now. When he is ready for a home, he will find a homeowner loan. Probably he will need another secured loan to cover his credit card debt which he used for his ultimate vacation.

Well, what would I do if I am planning for my own ultimate vacation? Probably just go back to Malaysia to visit my family. That'll be my ultimate vacation. hehehe

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