Aug 15, 2007

3am Midnite

My son woke up at 3am last nite. So I picked him up from the bed and let him do use the potty. He started crying. I quickly went to close all the windows so the noise would not wake up our neighbors. Because he was constantly moving while in the potty, he wet the mat and the carpet underneath the potty. *Sigh* I tried not to be mad but I was tired at the same time. I put his diaper back on and cleaned up the mess.

He was still whinning on the bed. I asked him why, and was he hungry. He put his hand on his tummy. OK, I went out to get his milk and warm it up. It takes time to warm up the milk, about 5-10 minutes. He was rolling around on the bed. Then he wanted to go down. I let him down the bed. He walked around. And then started crying again. I couldn't care more, I closed my eyes for 5 minutes. Then the milk was ready. I picked him up to the bed and let him had his milk.

He finished half and he didn't want more. But he couldn't go back to sleep either. Then I asked him if he wanted poop-poop, and he pointed at the potty. OK, took him down to the potty. Sat there while he kept pointing at his books. I took one and he wanted another one. I started reading to him at 330am. After a few more books and at 345am, I knew he wasn't goin to do his business. So I put his diaper on, gave him his pacifier and turned on the CD. He slept at 4am. So did I.

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