Aug 8, 2007

My wish today

I need a 'little' change to our master bedroom. So my wish for today is to get new wooden bedroom furniture and a new coat of paint for the walls. This time around, I think I will like to paint two contrast colors on the walls with a white ceiling.

Our bedroom is original design we had since we got the house, about 7 years ago. The layout of the furniture has been all the same since that very day we moved in. We added more 'things' to the bedroom, an additional 26" Dell LCD TV, a 5-drawers plastic shelving for my boy's clothing, and others. It looks more crowded now with so much more stuff in it. I need to put away some of the 'things' and looking possibly moving my son out to his own bedroom.

Then we will get a new bed set. Move around the other furniture to create a new and more spacious look. The current queen size bed and mattress can be moved to the guest room.

The main reason I wished to redesign our bedroom, even though just a little bit, is to make it more inviting, at least for ourselves. Bedroom is a place where we probably spend most of our time and a place we rest to rejuvenate ourselves. It is important that we feel relax and serene in the bedroom.

*This is a sponsored post.