Aug 9, 2007

Less time to cook

Since a few weeks ago, I began feeling a little tight in time. I find no time available for cooking dinner. As for lunch, I just eat whatever are there - bread, baked frozen pizza, banana, chocolates, cakes, or sometimes just two glasses of milk. That reminds me that I need to get another gallon of 1% milk when we go to Sam's club the next time. I was able to finish the whole gallon by myself in 1 week. That's how much I've been drinking my milk.

Anyway, it is worse for dinner as that time Brandon is usually awake. For lunch, I usually wait for him to take his nap before I eat, whether if he sleeps at 11am then I eat at 1115am, or if he sleeps at 130pm, like yesterday, I eat at 145pm. I need about 15 minutes to get the food ready mar.

So lately, we've been eating a lot of outside food. I still cook, may be 1 or twice a week. Yesterday, we had rice with reheated frozen teriyaki chicken from Sam's club and boiled gailan with a little sesame oil and soy sauce. Very simple meal but enough to keep the stomach from being hungry.

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