Aug 7, 2007

MIL's birthday gift

This year, my husband got his mother a T-Mobile ToGo prepaid mobile phone for her birthday. Only this year she agreed for us to get her a mobile phone. Previous year, I've suggested we buy a cellphone for her but she said no as she didn't need it. But I told her that she and FIL always go to Chinatown by themselves and is better for them to have a cellphone for emergency, but she ignored me many times.

About a month before her birthday I saw a sale at Target for a prepaid Nokia mobile phone that was too hard to resist from buying. For the price of a $100 phone card, we also got the cellphone for free.

She doesn't make a lot of calls like us, so a prepaid mobile service is more suitable for her. With the $100 prepaid card, she is now a gold member and she doesn't need to renew her service until a year later. By then, all she needs is to purchase another $10 prepaid card to upload and that will bring forward all her old minutes as well as the new $10 minutes and will last her for another year. It probably takes her a few years to finish the initial 1000 minutes.

*This is a sponsored post.