Aug 7, 2007

Children's Toys

My boy plays with toys like any other children. We buy toys from toys stores like Target, Toys 'R' Us, Walmart and more. Recently there is a huge recalls for over 1 million Fisher Price toys due to Lead (Plumbum) paint was used by the Chinese manufacturer. Lead is a dangerous and poisoinous substance. We no longer use any Lead based paint here now, at least not at my house.

But this recalls has made me more careful on selecting toys for my boy. Well, it is more fortunate for us in US as we have recalls from the giant toys manufacturers, but what happened to other countries where family buys most of children's toys from street side or small store vendors? Do those toys have quality control too? I guess not. So I will definitely not buy any toys from street vendors from swapmeet now.

My Hubby always complain about anythings that are made in China. He said they do not care about quality control, thye just need to get the product manufactured at the lowest price cost possible. May be this is true.

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