Aug 24, 2007

Me a postman?

I did so many different odd jobs after my college graduation. Each job I’ve worked merely for a few months. I've done part time data entry clerk, environmental lab technician, tutoring, and much more. Let me tell you, these are low paying jobs and with no benefits. I’ve worked so hard and even as the fastest data entry clerk in the office, but yet, they didn’t want to promote and hire me as a full timer. Guess they didn’t want to pay the benefits. After a few months, I quit.

My husband had told me I should try applying for jobs with the US Postal Service. The pay is good and definitely excellent benefits for their employee. And there are always opening available. Unfortunately for me, I was only a green card holder that time. My husband thinks that US Postal Service only hire US Citizen for security reason. Besides that, each applicant needs to take an exam when applying for employment with them. I don’t think I will have problem taking the test and may score high on it.

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