Aug 24, 2007

Boba Peach Tea

I love boba tea. I like to chew chew the very QQ boba. Not many places can make nice boba. But we found one store nearby our home that can do it right. This place is a bit expensive because, unlike in Chinatown where competition is tough and the price can go as cheap as $1, here there's no competition.

At this place, Tapioca Express on Artesia Blvd, it costs $2.50 for the flavored tea and extra 25 cents for boba. Also need to pay tax, which is not normal as cold food doesn't really require sales tax. Anyway, above is my Peach flavored boba tea for $3.00 on a hot day. Just need to catch a $5 opp to pay for this. YummY!

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