Aug 25, 2007

Front yard landscapping

Ugly ugly ugly. That's how my front yard looks and how much I dislike it. The ground is uneven, and the grass is not green. There are patches of dry spots here and there. Flower beds are all dried up. No time to maintain it. The metal fence/gate is rusting. The wooden circle decor on the fence is falling apart. Is time for makeover!

I really look forward for a new front yard. A yard which I can bring my boy out to enjoy. Let him run around and not worrying him falling onto the down due to the uneven ground. Let him play by himself while I sit on a cushioned patio chair by the shady tree with my laptop and wireless connection. That's so nice to dream about.

Honestly, we really looking to change our front yard landscapping. If we really do, I want to put in nicer, shorter grass and a few shady trees. May be 1 or 2 fruit trees too. A couple of lifelike fake boulders, similar to those you find from Artificial Rocks Factory. They look real but doesn't weigh a tonne. They can also be used to hide and conceal pumps and utility boxes. Add two fake tree stumps for sitting. Fill up my flower beds with scented and low maintenance plants. If still within our budget, may be add a small waterfall and a pond.

Just think about this makeover already makes me feel very relaxing. Imagine if this is the real thing. But for now, we'll just hope we will be able to save enough money for a new front yard. Guess we might need to increase our budget.


yeloh-powah said...

funny picture of a rock =)

Anonymous said...

Wow! These fake rocks are exactly what we've been looking for to complete our backyard landscape project...thanks for sharing!

Artificial Rocks Factory