Aug 25, 2007

Went to MP

Today we went to the 'new' Chinatown in LA, Monterey Park & Alhambra. It was a long time ago since my last time there. Could be a few months. We had lunch at a Malaysian Restaurant, Yazmin. Will blog about this restaurant in my LA blog once I downloaded the pictures.

We orderred curry puff, nasi lemak and curry laksa. Too bad, my camera was out of battery when the appertizer arrived. This place offers one of the best Malaysian food around LA. Can't beat the price, if you go on weekday there are lunch specials that you can order. But today is weekend so no lunch special for us. Our bill was $21.xx. Add some tips ... charged it to my credit card loh.

While driving to the chinese market, Brandon fell asleep. We were in the car less than 5 minutes and the little boy dozed off. He was tired.

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