Aug 28, 2007

144 Unique Visitors because of FDKE!

WOW, imagine 144 unique visitors to your blog everyday. Well, not mine but Yeloh-Powah.

On July 24th, he received a marketing text message on his cellphone to purchase FDKE stock. If you are not familiar with American's cellphone service plan, we have to pay for text message received and is 10 cents each text message. He was so annoyed by that text message (that cost his prepaid phone 10 cents) encouraging him to purchase the stock, he went to do research about this FDKE stock. It turned out to be junk stock. So don't buy. Read his readers comments on his blog.

A few days ago, there was another major release of the text message from FDKE again. This time, many people went online to search FDKE again. If you do a search on google for FDKE, you'll see his blog 4th link from the top. That's how he's been getting all his unique visitors. Hopefully, with this will improve his PR when is due for re-ranking.


G @ said...

*LOL* way to go yeloh powah. he must be over the moon eh?

wHOisBaBy said...

mommibee: ya, but have to wait for google rerank see how his pr will improve.